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December 10, 2006

Google Earth avian flu maps updated

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I’ve updated the flu maps to this weekend — link here.. Since August, the spread of avian flu, as reported, has shown a lull, with only a few animal outbreaks, reported, in Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, China and South Korea. Over the same period there have been 10 human cases in Indonesia, and 1 in Egypt.

But this could be a seasonal lull — avian flu hits hardest in winter, and it is summer in the Southern hemisphere. Moreover, it is worth remembering that 2006 has seen more human cases, 111 cases, and 76 deaths, than in any previous year. The corresponding figures for 2003 are 4,4; 2004, 46,32, and 2005, 97,42. Indonesia remains the current hotspot of the virus.

The updated maps also contain links in the description panel to current news, and scientific articles, concerning each country.


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