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December 8, 2005

More on threatened Indonesian flu lab closure

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Scientific American today reported on the threatened closure of Namru-2 in Indonesia (see previous post). Associated Press also report that the laboratory may now be given a stay of execution, and that this may be tied to financial terms of any vaccine produced from Indonesian viral samples.

In passing, there is a pig surveillance conference on at the moment in Indonesia; this is timely and important as half the cases in Indonesia have occurred in the Tangerang district, where outbreaks of H5N1 have also been detected in pigs. This suggest the need for extensive monitoring of virus evolution in pigs there, to check that there are not mutations occuring that might in some way be connected with the unusual concentration of cases in this district. As I understand the current situation, however, investigation of viral sequences from pigs in the region is not happening.

More news on this….

PHOTO: US Health Secretary, Michael Leavitt, visits Namru-2 in October 2005

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