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October 14, 2006

Pressure grows for fair trial for Tripoli Six

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This post is a word of thanks to all bloggers for their posts — now more than 200 — helping to keep up attention in this crucial phase of the Tripoli Six trial before the court’s last sitting on 31 October. Here are just two good examples among the many: today The Daily Kos, the world’s largest political blog, and Effect Measure, a progressive science blog, both published updates — see here and here.

This is in addition to renewed efforts this week, by the New York Times, who should be congratulated for being the first mainstream media to grasp the new current urgency in this long-running trial, and the many human rights and science bodies who have likewise weighed in over the past week with their renewed support — see here, here, here, and here.

This effort is all the more admirable as one of the biggest difficulties of maintaining sustained attention on this issue is that events occur only very sporadically, with long intervals in between, making hard news angles few and far between.

There are now less than three weeks before the end of the current trial in Libya, three weeks where sustained pressure can influence the outcome of the verdict — and remember that the verdict will be the only news on the case that most of the mainstream news agencies will likely report on in the coming weeks.

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