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July 6, 2006

Top 50 science blogs

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Quick pointer to an analysis I’ve done of where science blogs rank in the overall blogosphere; its on free access at
1. Top Five Science Blogs
2. Top Five Science Writer Blogs
3. Top 50 Science Blogs
4. Note on how I did the rankings
5. Five odd facts about the ranking

A note for my fellow flu bloggers; Effect Measure comes in at number 9 of all science blogs with a Technorati rank of 6186, and H5N1, not listed, came in at number 9 in the writers’ category with a Technorati rank of 10159.

I must try the same exercise for GIS blogs, eg by testing the blogroll of GIS aggregrator Planet Geospatial.

My own little blog, which I post to less frequently than I should, comes in at a surprisingly respectable rank of 11 among science writer blogs, with a Technorati rank of 15944 out of some 47 million blogs indexed by Technorati.

If you would like to obtain the T-rank of your own blog, plug its URL in here.

I’ve also done a podcast on the story.

For blog comments on the story see here.

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