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February 22, 2006

Collection of several hundred bookmarks on virtual globes, science, and GIS

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Journalists researching articles come across many interesting web resources, but whereas a few key ones might be linked to in the final published articles, most remain on the journalists’ hard drives, never used or exploited again by themselves, let alone others. During my research into scientific applications of virtual globes, such as Google Earth — articles linked to here — I checked out many web resources. Given that these resources might be useful to others, I’ve now made them all public on Connotea, the free social bookmarking service for science professionals.

In a sense, I’m sharing with everyone some of my effort put into researching the topic, with the thinking that my link collection might provide starting points that are an alternative, and more select, starting point than a Google search for virtual globes and science.

To view the couple of hundred new links that I’ve freed up, visit my Connotea GIS tag. There are some tagged subgroupings, such as data sources, science, and software. But it is mostly a raw bulk upload, though if you browse it you may come across many nuggets.

My complete library of GIS bookmarks on Connotea now includes 794 select resources. To be informed of new resources that I post, just add the GIS tag’s RSS feed to your RSS reader. And remember that you too can share your GIS bookmarks with others on Connotea simply by posting interesting items and tagging them “GIS.” It’s free and useful; see my earlier post on the value of sharing bookmarks.

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