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January 13, 2006

Turkey updates to avian flu maps

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Given the current interest in the outbreak of H5N1 in Turkey, I’ve exceptionally manually updated the Google Earth global avian flu outbreak maps to show the location of the latest human cases in Turkey (red dots), and links to relevant WHO updates.

Summary graphs, legends, and poultry outbreaks have not yet been updated, but will be with the scheduled automatic monthly rebuild. The network link to the maps remains unchanged and can be accessed here and on the GE forum, here.

I’ve published in Nature online (free, once you register) today an article

Bird flu mutation sparks concern
Genetic tweak makes virus favour human nose and throat.

on the mutations that have been found in one case that may increase the risk of transmission to humans, although a final verdict must await the outcome of investigations on the ground. This follows on from an earlier piece on the initial outbreaks in people published last week.

Yesterday, I also published a piece in Nature print, looking at the scientific basis of the views of some sceptics who argue that H5N1 is inherently incapable of evolving into a pandemic virus. The conclusion is that most scientists don’t seem to agree…

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